bb16 tag: Frankie is disgusting. He thinks lesbians aren’t born that way.

…. actually, he simply said that it’s more common for women who’d usually identify as “straight” to entertain their homosexual interests after being predominantly in heterosexual relationships than men doing so. This is why, when Caleb asked about if he thought men would do the same, Frankie said no, because he believes sexuality is viewed differently for men and that “straight” men can’t entertain their interests that aren’t exclusively heterosexual in the ways women are allowed. This is why he was explaining the Kisney scale to Donny.

bb16 tag: but he hit on cody when he was drunk!!!

…. actually, he turned down cody, multiple times, outside of his general touchiness with all the HGs, which make sense considering he’s been filmed multiple times telling Brittany, Nicole AND Christine he isn’t into straight men. This probably informs his views on Zach, having said that he’ll believe someone telling him they’re straight unless, of course, they’re constantly initiating touching - like Zach. During the sexuality talk, he even mentions Zach possibly being one of those people in the gray areas of the Kinsey scale. He probably thinks Zach is around a 2 in the Kinsey scale and isn’t sure what to make of his behavior in the game.


 King Zachary Colin Rance  per episode || episode 6

snowvamp asked:
Can we discuss the hilariousness of Drew tweeting these old pics that look like Zach's freshmen yr/sophomore yr of college? And someone just tweeted him asking if that was a GF and Drew said it was "just a friend". Drew is a mess and it was clear as day from the feeds that Zach is NOT close with him. Note to self that Drew said himself on a youtube show that He was only roommates with Zach in college during his freshmen yr/ never had classes with him after his FM yr.

It’s just odd to me how he posts old pics and goes “Oh, here’s Zach with my friend, go follow them at xyz”. Like, not Zach and his friend? Or Zach and OUR friend? So fucking weird. Him having a screenshot saved of them face timing is odd too. 

Is this what happens when straight male friends have gay panic regarding the other? Is Drew going to invite Zach to a night out after BB is over so they can “bro out” and he can help Zach “mack on the ladies” and they can get “super turnt” and he can “score some biddies”?

Gosh, heterosexuality is so embarrassing.

Anonymous asked:
Oh my god ur literally impossible dude no wonder people give the fuck up when debating with you.

Mhmm, it’s hard to troll an articulate person who knows what they’re talking about as opposed to just bashing Frankie based off misquoted jokers updates.

02nd Sep 2

friendly reminder: straight people aren’t allowed opinions on LGBTQ issues.


I believe straight people can have opinions that are positive towards the subject…

nope. sorry. they’re unwarranted. should white people have an opinion on issues involving race? nope. simply nod, listen to those with experience and take it in.

02nd Sep 7
Anonymous asked:
? You really enjoy putting words into people's mouths when you have no actual argument, dont you?

The anon said what Frankie said was wrong. And I asked her if she believes what she’s implying. Or do we just like to remove context from quotes? Is this the same tweens and middle-aged losers who think Frankie is “sexually harassing” the men?

02nd Sep 1
Anonymous asked:
Frankie's ideas on sexuality ARE wrong. This is coming from a 25 year old queer transgender woman. Don't defend him, honey, there's nothing to it. You can only say so many offensive things before it comes back to bite you. I understand that you don't condone his words or actions but sticking up for him and supporting him when he's shown he deserves no support whatsoever, especially not from trans beings or lesbians, makes you just as bad as him.

So you think queer men don’t face any kind of culture backlash?

Hmm, interesting. It seems trans* individuals aren’t as open-minded as they like to look.

02nd Sep 1

Why do some of y’all who insult frankie keep mentioning a ‘rich daddy’?

He doesn’t seem talk to his father despite being somewhat close with his half-brother James and both his mother and former step-father are CEOs of their own companies. 

Like yeah they’re well-off, but christ.


when u force ur friends to listen to music they dont like image